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Som mange andre giver jeg hver måned lidt penge til gode formål. Jeg giver pengene til ét godt formål (det er optimalt), men får jeg nok ud af det?

Save the date: Inspirational day for master students

Sofie Andersen
Af Sofie Andersen
7 aug. 2012 09:55 - i kategorien Studiet - #kandidat 

Don't miss out on inspiration for your masters degree.

For the third year in row a group of students are arranging the inspirational day for master students.

It is a day where (primarily) new master students can come together to get inspiration for their course choices, job opportunities plus a chance to meet some of their peers.

All this takes place on the 8th of September from 11.00 to around 16.30 (yes it’s on a Saturday). Afterwards the organisers will offer a little drink and an opportunity to chat and socialize with other master students. The event will be held at CSS - the exact room to be announced along with a detailed agenda at a later time.

All content will be in English.

Please sign up for participation by sending an e-mail to

We hope to see a lot of new master students and “old” master students are of course welcome as well.

- Kandidako

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Mikael Olai Milhøj @ d. 09. august 2012 #1
Please also attend our facebook event:

Spread the word people :)
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