A.T. Kearney shooting & networking event 2016

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Are you a top student with an interest in Management Consulting? Join us for an exclusive full-day event where we will take you shooting at one of the best Nordic clay pigeon shooting schools.

Join us for an exclusive full-day event where we will take you shooting at one of the best Nordic clay pigeon shooting schools, and teach you a few things about how to effectively develop your network.

  • We start out early in the morning at BMW Jan Nygaard AS’ premises in Lyngby. Here we will host a presentation on professional networking, and let you in on a set of techniques you can use to enhance your networking skills.

  • Following this, in BMW cars, we drive to Susegården in Sweden, where we will be shooting under instruction of highly experienced instructors. Once we are comfortable in mastering the shotgun, the highlight of the day will be an intense competition, where you get to apply your (newly) developed shooting skills.

To apply, please upload your CV, grade transcripts (high school and university), and a short cover letter describing why we should have you in our network, to http://www.atkearney.dk/careers/apply-online, no later than September 16, 2016. Note that fluency in at least one Scandinavian language is a prerequisite.

Friday September 30th, 2016

An all-day event with clay pigeon shooting and networking

Susegården, Sweden & BMW Jan Nygaard AS, Lyngby

Please contact Zoe Friis at zoe.friis@atkearney.com or 33 69 30 23 

NB! This event does not require any prior experience with shooting nor having any license

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