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On April 27, QVARTZ invites selected non-Scandinavian students for an informal evening with some of their consultants with an international background.

When mixing the perfect cocktail, it’s all about the balance. The ingredients should complement each other and bring out the best in each avour, creating the perfect blend. To us, this is true in management consulting as well. We believe that the QVARTZ civilisation is boosted by the unique traits of its members, and that amazing things can be achieved by a uni ed and talented team of consultants from all over the world – with many di erent backgrounds and strongholds.

On April 27, we invite selected non-Scandinavian students to join us for an informal evening where you will meet some of our consultants with an international background. During 
the evening, you will not only get the chance to polish your bartending skills while mixing alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails from around the globe, but also hear our take on bringing an international perspective to Nordic management consulting. There will be plenty of time for informal chats over food and drinks with our consultants, who will share their experiences and let you in on life as a consultant in QVARTZ.

The event takes place on April 27, from 18:00 to 22:00 in central Copenhagen. Further practicalities will follow. If you are curious about QVARTZ (and cocktails) and want to get the opportunity to meet other international students, go ahead and apply at no later than April 17.

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