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Making it to and through the notorious case interview can be a daunting task. Join us on September 19 where we will give you all the insider case-solving tips and tricks needed to ace your next case interview.

To set the scene, we will introduce you to who we are, how we work and the QVARTZ recruiting experience. One of our experienced interviewers will let you in on what a case interview is all about and share some important do’s and don’ts of case solving. Afterwards, you will get the opportunity to grapple with case solving in smaller groups and get a feel of what a case interview is like. We will round off the evening with dinner, drinks and continue the meaningful conversations about management consulting, career and all that in between.

When: September 19, 17:00-22:00
Where: Ryesgade 3A, 2200 Copenhagen N

The event is open to all third-year B.Sc. students and M.Sc. students enrolled at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Previous experience with case solving is not a requirement. Apply at no later than September 12.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jeppe Bronée Bakmand at

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