Environment and sustainability scholarship - 5000 SEK

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There are many ways to develop ecological sustainability. No matter if you are studying to become an engineer focusing on sustainable machines, specializing in sustainable supply chain management or considering a political career, there are many ways for you to contribute to ecological sustainability.

The GreenMatch Scholarship is for those who want to contribute to a sustainable global development. Do not hesitate to apply for the scholarship if you think you qualify - as long as you can write a good motivation letter for why you deserve the scholarship.

4 requirements for your application letter

For your application to be valid, you have to include the following parts in your application letter:

  1. A brief description of yourself.
  2. A brief description of your field of study, with a visible connection to ecological sustainability.
  3. A motivation letter of why you would be the perfect candidate for the GreenMatch scholarship.
  4. An answer to the following question:

How do we create a sustainable future? Justify your answer.

Your application should also include:

  1. First name, surname, phone number and email.
  2. The name of your university.
  3. A copy of your student card or an official document stating that you are accepted to a Swedish university.
  4. Applicants are required to indicate their acceptance to us processing your personal data through this consent form and submit it along with their application.

N.B. Your application will not be processed without a submitted signed consent form. The consent form can be submitted as a scanned attachment per email.

The application (maximum of 2 pages) can be sent to stipendium@greenmatch.se. Write GreenMatch Stipendium in the subject field.

Do you qualify?

To be able to apply for the GreenMatch scholarship you have to be enrolled or be accepted to start at a university in Sweden up until December 2019. Copy of your student card or student certificate are sufficient as proof. Of course, your application also have to meet the previously mentioned requirements.

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