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Kristoffer  Kjær Lomholt

Kristoffer Kjær Lomholt @ d. 28. may 2014 #1

Are you looking forward to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil?

In Danske Bank Markets we can't wait to see who lifts the trophy on 13 July and so we have set up a regression based model based on previous world cups and subsequently simulated the World Cup 1.000.000 times!

Not only does this give us the probabilities of each team reaching a certain stage of the tournament (most importantly who's winning?) but it also allows us to compare our odds with the market odds.

So if you, like us, can't wait for the World Cup to kick off or if you simply want to see how our model predicts your country to perform do take a look!

Have a great World Cup! :)

Ditlev Vang Wildt

Ditlev Vang Wildt @ d. 29. may 2014 #2

Og samme resultat når Goldman Sachs frem til i deres forudsigelse ;)

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