Company Day at CSS

Maibritt Jensen

Join Company Day and learn more about your job opportunities as a student and graduate. Furthermore, you get a great chance to meet a lot of companies and gain insights to different sectors.

You can talk to young professionals with backgrounds within social sciences and join company presentations in Chr. Hansen auditorium. Whatever, you are interested in a student job, internship, full-time position or just curious, you will get inspiration and advice on your career path.

Happenings at Company Day:
o CV check by Randstand recruiters
o Portrait photo by photographer
o Jobs portal for students
o Company booths
o Company presentations 
o Competitions to win gift cards
o Food and beverage

Preliminary list of companies:
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Udenrigsministeriet)
- Accenture
- McKinsey
- Qvartz
- Rigsrevisionen
- Danske Bank
- Nationalbank
- Danish Defence (Forsvaret)
- Valcon Consulting
- EU
- EY Consulting
- Bain & Company
- Nordea
- Nykredit
- Ministry of Employment (Beskæftigelsesministeriet)
- Ørsted
- Novo Nordisk
- PwC
- Ministry of Higher Education and Science (Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet)
- Maple CPH
- Epinion
- and more companies

When: 27 September 2018, 13:00-18:00
Where: Chr. Hansen aud., CSS

Sign up here:

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Maibritt Jensen

Maibritt Jensen @ d. 07. september 2018 #1

Now also with:

- Maple CPH
- Epinion
- Userneeds
- TeachFirst
- Operate
- ActionAid (volunteer work)
- Rud Pedersen
- Randstad
- Graduateland -
- ReD Associates

Maibritt Jensen

Maibritt Jensen @ d. 07. september 2018 #2

- Finanstilsynet

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