Question to former cand. polit Economics students

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Af Marleen Pol @ 21 apr. 2017 11:14

Hi everyone,

I have a few short questions to former Danish and international Economics (and/or Finance) students who obtained their Master of Science at Københavns Universitet.
If you are graduated less than 2 years ago, and you are currently employed or looking for a job, please consider my following questions:
- How important were your final grades (and/or average grade) in obtaining your job or in your search for a job?
- Did you experience any difficulties with getting invited for an interview / selection process due to not having high enough grades?
Also people who found a job very quickly are very welcome to respond! I would like to hear your experiences! 

If you feel like you want to help me out, by answering these questions, please contact me:

Thanks a lot! 
Marleen Pol 

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Marleen Pol

Marleen Pol

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