Aarhus Symposium 2023: Tips and recommendations

Do you want a seat for the greatest student leadership conference in the North? Now is your time to secure a seat for Aarhus Symposium on November 3. Find our tips and recommendations for submitting your thoughts on this year’s challenges.


Aarhus Symposium 2023 presents a strong line-up of national and international decision-makers as we gather 650 ambitious students to engage in fruitful discussions on this year’s theme – The Way We Work.


You must submit your thoughts on one of three challenges to secure your seat for the day. We call it the Aarhus Symposium Challenge

You can register as a group when submitting your thoughts, ensuring you experience the day together. For students residing in Copenhagen, we offer free transportation to/from Aarhus November 3. Keep in mind we provide free meals and refreshments during the whole day.


Tips and recommendations for submitting your thoughts 

1. Reflect on the challenge questions. Before you begin your writing, take a minute to reflect and determine which of the three challenge questions you find the most intriguing. What are your first thoughts about the one that excites you the most?

Cannot decide between the three challenges of Aarhus Symposium 2023? Seek more information here: https://www.aarhus-symposium.org/aarhus-symposium-challenge


2. Highlight your main points. Figure out which aspects of your topic you find the most relevant. What are the issues and opportunities within your chosen challenge question? Convey your thoughts and ensure your main points come across by developing your argument and showcasing critical thinking.


Use of relevant data, statistics, and facts can help you build your case (but is not mandatory).


3. Structure your submission. Organize your thoughts logically by creating a clear and coherent structure for your submission. Headings and sub-headings can help you make your submission more reader-friendly.


4. Proofread your writing by correcting typing and spelling mistakes, and check for clear direction in your submission.  


These tips and tricks can help you craft a well-written and inspiring application for Aarhus Symposium 2023. Remember to submit your thoughts before September 24. You can write your thoughts in either Danish or English, but your final submission cannot be any longer than two pages and must be anonymous.


The Organising Committee of Aarhus Symposium is beyond excited to read your thoughts and see how you interpret this year’s challenges. 


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