Deloitte Master’s Thesis Hub

Interested in writing an impactful master thesis? This is your opportunity!

Get ready to supercharge your academic journey - The registration for this year’s Deloitte Master’s Thesis Hub is open!

Building on last year's roaring success, we're extending our invitation to students from universities across Denmark — including University of Copenhagen, we’re looking at you!

What we offer

The Master's Thesis Hub is a great place to meet like-minded students navigating the ups and downs of thesis writing. Best of all, you'll have the invaluable opportunity to get guidance and support during the writing process and tap into the expertise of Deloitte's thought leaders in hot topics such as sustainability, M&A, digital transformation, and finance. Deloitte’s aim is to provide you with relevant business insight, challenging your thought process, and giving access to a large network of experts in the specific problem domain. Most importantly, the Master’s Thesis Hub offers a room for reflection and shared learning between participants and Deloitte experts.


By applying to the Master’s Thesis Hub, you will commit to attend the following sessions for shared learning and pro-level guidance:

·       Session 1 (January): Kick-off the thesis process

·       Session 2 (February): Shaping the thesis

·       Session 3 (March): Working the thesis

·       Session 4 (April): Finishing the thesis draft

·       Celebration Dinner (June): Celebrating your new degree!

Get a glimpse of last year's journey here: Deloitte Master's Thesis Hub 2023 - YouTube

Want to become a part of the Master’s Thesis Hub?

If you find this interesting, here’s how to get on board:

1.      Head over to Deloitte's Master's Thesis Hub website
Master's Thesis Hub | Deloitte

2.     Send an application and your CV no later than Friday 1st of December 2023

3.     If you make the cut, gear up for four transformative sessions and a celebration dinner in late June!

For any questions, please contact Jonas Sveistrup Søgaard (jsveistrup@deloitte.dk) or Trine Stener Jørgensen (tstener@deloitte.dk).


We are ready to welcome you!




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