Green Dot Career Lounge with Deloitte

Have you ever wondered how you can get to know us better? Ever wanted to know how your skill set can create the greatest impact at Deloitte? Now is your chance!

Join us for a fun and informal evening where you can network with Deloitte employees from across the entire company. We are transforming our office into a laid-back career lounge for one night and we promise that it will be an interesting one.

Don’t know whether you want to work in an internal or external-facing role? Don’t worry, you have the opportunity to meet people from across the entire organisation and find out which department has the best fit.

In doubt about whether we need someone with your skill set? Come find out!

On the fence about whether Deloitte is right for you? Come ask our people about what life at Deloitte is actually like.

You will be able to hear inspiring career stories, talk to HR, figure out where in Deloitte your skills are needed, participate in fun games and more, all over drinks and food.

This is your chance to get insight into our various business units and in-demand skills in a way you wouldn’t at other career fairs.

We look forward to connect with you!



3. november 2022 17:00




Tilmelding via link


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