Hot Topic of the year 2013: Will Europe become Asia's Disneyland?

Jakob Saugbjerg Kristensen

Join A. T. Kearney for an engaging afternoon in the interface between financial, political and social dimensions for a discussion on where Europe is heading towards 2050.

Executive panel discussion followed by networking 

Despite recent improvements, Europe remains on an unsustainable route. Debt and youth unemployment levels and are at all time highs. Public demonstrations are taking place from Athens to Dublin and tensions about direction are clear between EU Member states. At the same time, Asia is on the rise with recently gained wealth, nursed talent and an entrepreneurial mind-set. Emerging patterns highlight a century with a political and economic power shift from the West to the East. 

We have gathered a panel of decision makers who address these issues every day, and we promise you an exciting discussion around the following questions: 

  • Have European policymakers realized the seriousness of the current economic, political and social situation? 
  • Should European countries fear an Asian dominance? 
  • Will Asian companies continue to acquire European brands and what does this mean for Europe's identity? 

Hot Topic of the Year 2013 provides you with the opportunity to engage with our panel of Executives as well as fellow students to discuss the future of Europe in a global context. 

After the debate, A.T. Kearney hosts a light dinner where you have the opportunity to meet and talk to the panellists and consultants from A.T. Kearney in a less formal setting. 


Christian Frigast, Managing Partner, Axcel 

Niels Bjørn Christiansen, CEO, Danfoss 

Steen Bocian, Chief Economist, Danske Bank

Søren Bjerre Nielsen, Chairman of the Board, Danmarks Nationalbank

Date: November 21, 2013

Time: 17:00 - 21:00

Location: A. T. Kearney office, Sankt Annæ Plads 13, Copenhagen

Sign-up: Send your CV and latest grade transcript to

Deadline: November 1st, 2013. Note, as seats are limited for this event, we will confirm your participation.

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