The final program is here!

Nanna Olsen

We are glad to present to you the final program for this year’s Inspirational Day for Master Students. Remember to sign up!

This is one of the few events where master students at Polit can come together to get inspiration for their course choices, future career and socialize with each other. We are therefore very glad to present to you the final program for this year’s inspirational day for master students.

As you can see in the program below, there will be presentations from people employed in both the public and private sector who will talk about their career choices, how they use their economic background at work etc. In addition to this the President of the Board of Studies will give you some practical advices and a really competent consultant from DJØF will give you some good advices on how to use LinkedIn for networking.

Hopefully this event will inspire you and answer some of your questions regarding your future career as an economist. Also it is an excellent way to socialize with fellow master students.

Date: 5th of September 2013
Time: 16:30 to around 21:00
Location: Room 1.1.18 at CSS

16:30       Snacks, fruits, tea and coffee
16:45       Welcome
16:50       Mette Gørtz, President of the Board of Studies
17:15       Carl Johan Dalgaard, Professor at the Institute of Economics, KU
17:45       Break
18:00       Thomas Kansøe, LinkedIn Consultant, DJØF
18:30       Dinner
19:15       Danmarks Nationalbank
19:50       The Boston Consulting Group
20:20       Danske Bank Markets
20:50       Thank you for coming

Due to catering it is very important that you sign up for the event on this facebook page:

There will be served coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit and snacks before the event and during the breaks and also sandwiches around dinner time, so you do not have to bring your own food or beverages.

All content will be in English.

We hope to see many graduate students at the event.

This event is sponsored by DJØF Students, Summerbird and The Boston Consulting Group. We are very thankful for their support.

Best regards, Politrådet

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