Social Impact i BCG

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) forbindes typisk med strategiprojekter hos landets største virksomheder. BCG laver dog også mange andre former for projekter der spænder fra opgaver for den offentlige sektor til Social Impact-projekter verden over.

For at få et bedre indblik i BCGs arbejde med social impact har vi fanget Matias Pollman-Larsen, Principal, og en bærende del af BCG Danmarks social impact community.

Why is it important for BCG to do social impact?

“BCG’s purpose is to “Unlock the potential of those who advance the world”. This

applies to our clients. Partnering with them and transforming them is about unlocking the potential of our own staff but also using our own competitive advantage to help our social impact partners unlocking their potential to advance the world.

Most of the social impact work we do is case work, often for our global social impact partners such as the World Wildlife Fund and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We solve the same challenges as we do in cases for our corporate clients: What is the strategy, how do we operationalize it, how do we grow, how do we transform, how do we raise more funding, how do we manage our organization better?

However, in the last few years we are also moving the social impact topic into our work for our corporate clients. The private sector is in many ways the key for the world to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The investment gap to get there relies on the private sector. We have proved that doing good for the world is not a trade-off to business results but actually can create a competitive advantage.

In 2017, we published a study that found companies that do well in delivering total societal impact - the aggregate of their impact on society — boast higher margins and valuations. This year, we launched a new report on best practices for societal impact in the Nordics where we identified the recipe for companies to both do good and simultaneously strengthen their core business”.

Can you tell about BCG’s collaboration with UN Women?
“While we in many ways can help societal progress through our work with our clients, sometimes we also help put focus on broader societal issues that are not necessarily tackled by the individual organization, such as gender diversity. We do this by creating content pieces, facilitating round table discussions, and through broader partnerships where we bring leaders together and unify them to fight a specific challenge.

One example of this is our partnership with UN Women. We partner with them to bring together leaders across Denmark: CEOs and chairmen from the private sector, presidents from universities, and leaders from advocacy groups such as Danish Industries. We have a series of events as well as a yearly round table discussion on how leaders can unlock their abilities to drive gender diversity, lead by example, and visibly show that they want to move things to inspire other leaders. We at BCG are chairing and facilitating this group with UN Women, and simultaneously creating fact based content pieces that we bring to the table to drive the topic forward”.

Vi har også snakket med Merle Stepke-Müller, konsulent, som i flere år har været medforfatter på kontorets årlige social impact rapport, og også før sit arbejde i BCG har arbejdet med talrige NGO’er.

What is your background and how did you end up in BCG?

“I have a Bachelor in International Affairs from St. Gallen in Switzerland and a

Master in International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School, so I have always had a split interest in doing business and political science. I have also done internships during my studies in both sectors working amongst others for the UNDP, a German embassy, and a small management consulting firm. After my Master’s degree, I joined a small consulting firm focused on corporate respect for human rights, working with both corporate clients and NGOs, which I really enjoyed. I believe that it is not only the public and civil society that play a role, but corporates play a large role in shaping society and achieving sustainable development. BCG especially, has the ability to play an important role and have significant impact through the many projects they do. It is a great opportunity to be able to leverage BCG’s network, expertise, and skills to drive impact for society as a whole”.

Can you tell more about your experience working with Social Impact in BCG?
“Ever since I joined BCG, I have done a lot of Social Impact work; in the first few years mainly on the side of normal case work, where I e.g. co-founded the BCG Copenhagen Green Team, an initiative to reduce our own environmental footprint.

Since August last year, I have been able to focus entirely on Social Impact through an internal program called Social Impact Immersion Program.

BCG’s Social Impact Immersion Program offers consultants to focus a full year on only social impact. In this program, I am mostly working together with our global social impact partners. It has been a fantastic experience to work for organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and the World Food Programme. Our social impact cases resemble the cases we do for our corporate clients but are usually staffed with teams that are more global with consultants and BCG partners from different countries and continents. However, we of course also handle local social impact cases in most of our national offices.

We also just launched this year’s annual report on social impact at BCG Copenhagen, describing some of the projects we have done this year, such as improving integration efforts in Denmark and minimizing food loss and waste. You can also read more about social impact at BCG Copenhagen on our new social impact site that we launched this June”.

Hvordan bliver jeg en del af BCG?
Alt efter, hvor du er på studiet kan du søge som enten Visiting Associate (VA) eller som full-time Associate. At blive VA i BCG er den bedste mulighed for at komme helt tæt på konsulentverdenen, da du arbejder fuldtid som konsulent i 6-8 uger. Alle studerende har mulighed for at ansøge uanset uddannelse og semesterniveau. Du kan læse om tre tidligere VAs oplevelserher.

Selve interview-processen i BCG foregår noget anderledes end mange polit’er typisk er vant til, da en stor del af vurderingen baseres på et case interview. Her vil det være en god idé at investere en hel del tid i at ’træne op’ til interviewet. Du kan med fordel læse BCGsInterview Process & Tips, der giver gode råd til case interviews. Derudover anbefaler BCG også, at du deltager i case competitions, hvor du kan træne dine case færdigheder og problem solving.

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Boston Consulting Group (BCG) forbindes typisk med strategiprojekter hos landets største virksomheder. BCG laver dog også mange andre former for projekter der spænder fra opgaver for den offentlige sektor til Social Impact-projekter verden over.


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