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June 21-22. 8 start-ups, 18 hours of problem-solving, 40 students. Insight and impact! Join Deloitte Consulting at Studio 18. Read more about the event here!

Passionate? Curious? Want to make an impact that matters?

At Deloitte Consulting, strong teamwork and efficient execution enable us to generate impactful solutions for some of the most complex businesses of today. Looking to shape the landscape of tomorrow, we improve our efforts by leveraging the newest technologies to make an impact that matters together with our clients. Now, 40 students will get a chance to make an impact in collaboration with 8 unique start-ups, while gaining insight into the possibilities and challenges of tomorrow. We present:


8 Start-ups. 18 hours. 40 students.

To explore more, visit:

To apply for a spot:

The event will take place over two days: 21st – 22nd June 2018
Apply before May 28th

DeloitteHuset | Deloitte Studio
Weidekampsgade 6
2300 København S

Nicholas Paul Bruhn Hansen, Consultant
Mobile: +45 2628 3115

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